Day 73 of 365 

Do you know how to play any instruments?

I know how to play guitar, I took lessons for like 2 years. I also used to know how to play the flute and the oboe. I played them in middle school. And I took some piano lessons a long time ago so I remember how to play a few super simple songs.

Day 72 of 365 

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

I would honestly have to say Ed Sheeran. Not because he’s the best performer I’ve seen but because of the entire experience. The concert was outside, the temperature was nice, My boyfriend Jack and I were holding each other while swaying and singing along to every song, we were in the back away from all the crowd but still close enough so we could see the stage well enough, and the night sky was perfectly clear so there were so many stars out. I just remember feeling so amazingly happy and at peace during that concert.